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I am a fully qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist. Having spent 8 years undergoing training in Health Sciences with my final 4 years specialising in TCM studies, I feel passionately about using ancient techniques to assist the healing process.

In addition to the TCM I've beenteaching Pilates and movement for the last 10 years, which has given me a unique perspective and understanding of the human body. I help clients achieve goals ranging from improved tone, strength, posture and recovery from sporting injuries.


I approach my clients with warmth, compassion and a medically integrative perspective. I enjoy working with my clients to increase feelings of wellbeing, restoring the body back to a place where it is able to perform at it's optimum level.


I believe everyone deserves optimum care within an integrated health care network. 

As a certified Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, my services are health fund rebateable and I provide a safe, comfortable and professional environment to facilitate the healing process. 


Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Pilates Matwork 

Pilates Reformer 

Pilates Studio 

Barre certification 

Pre/Post natal trainings and continued Pilates Education 

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